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Outdoor Shaded Area at Sunnyvale Town Center, Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

Social Updates

WFH In Our Gazebo

Posted On: 3/18/2022

Egyptians knew what they were doing when they invented gazebos 5000 years ago. They are perfect spots for hosting bounti...

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National Nutrition Month

Posted On: 3/9/2022

This National Nutrition Month brings the perfect opportunity to show appreciation and support to food providers, manufac...

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Pets and Spring

Posted On: 3/1/2022

Pets love fresh beginnings just as much as we do! Go together on long nature walks, give them delicious treats, and show...

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Sleeping On a Cloud

Posted On: 2/25/2022

The feeling of coming home and plunging into your comfy bed can’t be compared to anything other than being on cloud nine...

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Two Pets To Double the Love

Posted On: 2/17/2022

At Sunnyvale Town Center, you can enjoy the company of not one, but TWO precious pets to double the love. Will you have ...

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Balcony Garden

Posted On: 2/8/2022

If you’ve been dreaming of a lush garden nook in your home, our balconies provide all the space you need to create one.

National Crepe Day

Posted On: 2/2/2022

Happy Crepe Day! Did you know that you can hop in your car and have a crepe breakfast at either @KopëPot, @CrepevineRest...

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A Courtyard To Enjoy

Posted On: 1/26/2022

Things to do in the courtyard: - enjoy a good beverage and relax - have a hearty meal with your friends and neighbors...

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A Home Like No Other

Posted On: 1/18/2022

Your comfort is our priority which is why our apartments come with hardwood floors, ceiling fans, air conditioning, and ...

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Dress Up Your Pet

Posted On: 1/14/2022

Happy Dress Up Your Pet Day! Spend some quality time with your furry companion and have them put on a sweater or a sca...

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